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Sep 22, 2015

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Dear GrowBot Supporter,
You are totally amazing! It's not everyday that I come across someone who can be introduced to something new and can grasp it's powerful possibilities.

Thank you so much for your support of GrowBot.

As you have probably noticed, our Indiegogo campaign finished the first week of September without us reaching our funding goal. What that meant for you is that all your campaign contributions were refunded, which I think has caused some confusion. What I have done is contacted supporters on Kauai, one person at a time, to get payment. People not on Kauai will be able to buy a GrowBot with our shopping cart. If this is you, and you want to lock in the $375 Early Bird rate, please take a minute and finish this transaction at Thank you for understanding, and apologies for the trouble.
Nonetheless, amazing things have been happening...
For the last few weeks I have been talking to hardware vendors and researching the best ways to make GrowBot production work with the lower volume that we have. With some refinements in design, I have found a way that I can successfully keep the costs of production down. What we will end up with is a system that has a cleaner design and is even easier maintain.

The State of the Garden
Some of you know that here on Kauai, it has been very hot, and we have had hurricane warnings since mid-summer. It has been really satisfying to know that if we were to have a hurricane hit, we could move our portable GrowBots indoors. Having a machine that could provide nourishment to the family if the stores closed down, and knowing that soon our neighbors who have purchased one would experience the same benefits feels really good. Having some autonomy in our food supply is a precious thing. So how is the garden of ours? Our GrowBuckets are so gorgeous and bountiful with their heart shaped sweet potato leaves spanning about 8 feet around. The greens of the sweet potato are edible and very delicious as well, so while you are waiting for your root vegetables, you can make the occasional sweet potato green stir-fry! What's awesome is that these bountiful sweet potato plants were started with one organic sweet potato from Costco. Nature is so abundant. The most recent batch of speckled lettuce was tender and delicious. Our latest crop of bok choy grew new leaves perpetually  for 4 months and all the leaves were delicious, crunchy, and with great flavor.
The Call to Action is...
If you are here on Kauai and you want your GrowBot by the first week of November, your purchase needs to be completed by the end of this week. If you are not on Kauai, and you want to lock in your price of $375 we also need you to have completed your purchase by the end of this week. If you would like to lock in the Early Bird rate of $375 just go to

I believe everyone here on Kauai has been contacted and most of you have already paid.  If I missed you please call me at 415 407 8118 or email me at

Delivering of GrowBots here on Kauai starts the first week of November!
If you are not on Kauai I need to finish testing two design changes before sending you your GrowBot. This should only take a few months. 
Remember that each GrowBot is backed up by: 
-  a 90-day money back guarantee
-  a 2 year warranty on parts
-  lifetime online support
Who is ready to join me in not needing to buy lettuce, kale, chard, basil and many other vegetables ever again?
Who is ready to join me in havesting incredibly fresh produce from your home?
How about knowing that your food was not sprayed with weird chemicals, and that your food did not travel 3000 miles before you got it?
How about paying less per day for a big salad than a cheap cup of coffee?
Let's do this! 


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