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Thanks for visiting our GrowBot booth at the Seed Exchange!
Mar 14, 2016


Small beginnings ....

Thanks a ton for chatting with Linda and or me at the GrowBot booth. Lots of great questions and suggestions about the GrowBot I really appreciate your thoughts and good will towards GrowBot and thanks for listening to me :-).

I have three quick questions:

If you would never buy a GrowBot please tell me why?

You would buy a GrowBot IF... I did x y z?


If you are ready to buy a GrowBot please tell me why?


I prefer and need your 'frank' honest answers with as much detail as you can give. I'll respond to each email. If you prefer to call me my cell phone number is 415 407 8118 or we can meet for coffee or tea in Princeville and or Hanalei.

Thank you very very much for your thoughts and I hope you have a great week.

James Brake

415 407 8118


4240 Wailea PL

Princeville HI 96722



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