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Oct 19, 2015


All the parts for the GrowBots have arrived so now I am assembling the GrowBots.

For everyone on Kauai we are still looking good for having your GrowBot delivered the first week of November.

Would you like your GrowBot delivered with plants already growing?

I have already started freckled lettuce, butter lettuce, mustard, and broccoli I'll start other seeds as I find time.

I need a little help. Nothing big.

We are trying to grow the GrowBot community and your genuine thoughts.... your intention for how the GrowBot will help you would be great.

This is what we have learned are some of your intentions.

Affordable vegetables.

Convenient vegetables.

Sustainable living.

Labor Saving.

Organic vegetables.

Independent living.

Disaster Preparedness.

Educating next generations on sustainable gardening.

You simply wanted to help this 'idea' become a real option for everyone that wants affordable and sustainable healthy food.

Please reply to this email with your intentions and with as much detail as possible.


James Brake

415 407 8118


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