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Nov 28, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings to all of you.

We are so close!!! However, I want to express my apologies for not giving a status sooner. I have been feeling both excited that we are so close to finishing and frustrated that new details need to be resolved that I was not aware of until they were in front of me.

The intention is to make sure that what I deliver works, and works reliably for a very long time. To give you an idea, this was on my plate this week: soldering and double-sealing all the wires, sealing terminal connections, labeling all the connections, fabricating custom enclosures for the following pieces: brain, wifi, camera, and planter tops. As it turns out I have found nothing on the market that existed that suited our needs.

I still have a few more things to do. The first two are to get confirmation when the planter troughs will be delivered and make an updated mold for the planter tops. I had tried to fabricate the planter troughs many times but the equipment I have is just not big enough. I also need to update the planter trough tops so it is two smaller pieces so that it fits the equipment better. I am hoping the planter trough tops will be done today and should get the planter trough ETA on Monday.

If no more snags come up and the planter troughs get in this week then I hope to deliver pretty much the day of or day after the planter troughs arrive.  I have to cut a few holes in the planter troughs (sensor/water inlet) but otherwise they fit into the system like puzzle pieces.

Here is a picture of all the electronics/valves/sensors/pumps put into and or attached to the new GrowBot brain enclosure.


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