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Dec 21, 2015

Aloha GrowBotters!

Last week was a good week. Lots more tests and they all went well. Built more frames, sealed several of the brain enclousures, waterproofed the frames, assembeled and tested the plumbing and attached the plumbing to the frames.  Still to do is connecting the solar cells, assembling the camera/wifi enclosures, fabricating the trellises, connecting the camera/wifi modules to the trellis's, fabricating the water sensor holders, then plugging it all in.

I also have been making refinements to the software.

I am hoping that I will have at least one fully assembled tomorrow and I will let it(maybe them) run over the holiday. If that goes well then I'll feel comfortable in starting deliveries.

Unfortunately I am still no better at estimating how long it takes to build a robot. So rather than give you bad information I'll give another update.

Some of the challenges were getting the power systems properly configured, software updates that caused some of the hardware to not work, enclosures not sealing properly, equipment problems, challenges in getting into the machines once the automation is enabled, etc.

My apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.






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