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Feb 12, 2016

We want an amazing life for everyone. A life where you don't worry about tomorrow or even today. All your basic needs and many of your desires are fulfilled with little or no effort on your part.

What all people, including you, need is healthy food, clean water, shelter, exercise, a purpose, personal time for reflection/relaxation and community. Generally if you have those things you will be happy.

GrowBot fits into a system we call 'Smart Happy Life' where the focus is on providing most of your needs without you having to do a thing. We also want to do that while honoring our societies general desire for personal autonomy and private ownership.

The "Smart Happy Life" vision is this:

What would you do if you had no stress in your life. Nothing pushing to do something nothing bothering you. No need to pay rent, no struggle with

A fully solar/wind powered home for everyone who wants one. Real batteries that last for at least a lifetime and can store all the power you need and are constantly recharged by your solar and or wind generator. Electric cars that our powered from your home. 

Those are two big bills that are now gone.

Next up is 'water catchment' this is just capturing the rain that falls on your home, storing it in a proper water cistern and then using it wisely. First use is washing of this amazing clean water that makes forest green and infuses it with life is for drinking, washing your body, your dishes and clothes, next use is flushing toilets and the last is watering and fertilizing your lawn then the water now perfectly clean trickles/evaporates back into our shared environment.

That's another bill that is gone.

Grow your own food.  Healthy food that contains the natural nutrients you need and nothing that you don't need. Growing your food is not only saving you a bundle of cash but also saving you a huge amount of time and money.


Giving ....

"From electric cars and robotic farming to solar panels"

Who designs and builds all that for free? My answer is the people that genuinely have a passion for building those sorts of things. People like me. At present my plan is to keep GrowBot's head count super low, automate everything that can be automated, only hire / keep people that are incredibly passionate about GrowBot and only work with partners and investors that are fully aligned with GrowBot's mission. All of us at GrowBot get the tools needed for a 'Smart Life' the tools that keep us nearly or completely bill free so we can focus on our passion. As our size and profits grow we give or discount GrowBot's to employees of other companies that support 'Smart Life'. Solar power companies, electric car companies, all those employees are eventually bill free and like GrowBot's employees work mostly because of the passion they have and need money for traveling and toys.  I could go on and on about the other supporting technologies etc.. but the whole focus is to allow all of us to live lives where our passion, our family's, our friends and our personal happiness is the focus of our attention not bills, not the rat race.

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