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Curriculum Ideas
Oct 07, 2015

I have some ideas for curriculum.

1. ethics considerations when building potentially disruptive technologies(teaches why we learn history and sociology)
2. design considerations when working with diverse groups of users(teaches why we learn to research, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
3. product design in 2015(teaches 'keep it simple')
4. how to solve big problems in a low stress way (teaches how to break big problems down into small doable tasks)
5. letting customers drive design and when to say no  (teaches how to listen, how to stay present(recognizing fear) and courage to say no when deviating from the goal)
6. how to include competitors as well as friends - how to design platforms as a business model (teaches the power of open source systems and why businesses based on closed systems continue to fail)
7. net zero carbon products and business cycles (how taking some extra time to consider the big picture can save you money and the environment)
8. invention/creativity are useless without courage (understanding our competing desires to both fit and to have our true voice heard - ways to clear the mental chatter that hides our true voice - vigorous exercise- getting into nature - solitude - meditation)
9. optimized education (using video and online training systems to teach new concepts and allow students to practice what they have learned and how teachers/students can assist and refine the process - Khans Academy)
10. designing sustainable systems (product lifecycle)
11. how to use the 3d modeling computer between your ears (power of intention, drawing, writing, visualizing complete systems from gathering parts, assembly, marketing, sales, delivery, and usage to getting final reports on your feedback and business performance)
12. profits vs social responsibility and how to compete against companies that are not socially responsible(how to take a step back and consider the bigger picture - what are integrity and authenticity and how they serve you)
13. leadership (giving people what they want and will provide value to them vs selling people what you want)
14. how to stay motivated when you don't feel motivated
15. deciding what to do for the next chapter in your life

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