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Sustainable Socially and Ecologically
Oct 17, 2015

Sustainable is an important word for me. I was raised in a pretty strict Christian home and waste was sin. I am also of the mind set that we are stewards of the land and it is our responsibility to leave it in better condition than when we got it.

I was about 22 working for a painter in Alaska and we were between jobs so we went fishing. Gorgeous day, bright sky, green moutains, gorgeous lake and the cleanest air you could imagine. My 'boss' shared with me his view on life that still has me 'sold'. He asked me "What did you give for your life?" I thought about it.  Quickly realizing I had given nothing for my life. I said "nothing". He said "should you give something back?" I have pondered that statement for all the years sense.  My thoughts I think like most people are you should. However as I have gone through my own struggles and triumphs in life I have refined to. Get grounded take good care of yourself so you are not a burden on others and when opportunity arises give as free as your heart desires. The heart desires is something that needs to be considered because often ego gets in the way. I'll stop here because .. well I am much better inventor than philospher.

GrowBot was built as part of the taking care of self.  Respecting the fact I really dislike bills and honoring the fact I would prefer to just not have to make money to pay bills. So grow your own food.

We live in an incredible area the North Shore of Kauai is a world class destination because of it's incredible natural beauty.  I love the water. I love surfing, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, boating etc. Just love the water. Our reefs on Kauai look terrible if you snorkel for ages you can find a few 'nice spots' but generally our reefs a just algae with bits of living coral here and there but always just barely alive.  The reason for that is polution specifically runoff from our yards, farms and roads.

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