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Mar 23, 2016

Hi GrowBotters,

Slow progress on these last few GrowBots. Basically as the older GrowBots have glitches I fix them then I apply that fix to the other Growbots then update my build process to include what I learned. This way no one gets left behind. However it causes delays.

The glitches are getting less and less. Little changes like trimming the wires just a little more or soldering wires versus wirenuts, larger filters have made huge differences in how reliable the GrowBots are getting.

Some of you have started to get automated emails from your GrowBots that show what is growing. Others of you are starting to get pictures from your GrowBot that is still being built as I test it before delivering. This is an extremely new technology ... so if you have thoughts or suggestions please let me know.

I was pondering ... sending you the email with a montage of other GrowBots near you(with their/your permission of course) - what do you think? would that be useful? Also was pondering if you would like to see the watering data, feeding data and how often your GrowBot is turning on?

For sure I will start putting a reminder to add more plantfood.

Anyhow .... :-) if you noticed I am out growing my garage manufacturing and have been talking to a factory owner in Northern California. I'll likely ask them to start manufacturing the GrowBots in late April. The first GrowBots that come from that factory will go to all the non-Kauai residents.  That first batch I'll be there to help make sure the build process and QA are all setup properly.

Thanks again for your patience,


415 407 8118

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