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Jul 31, 2016

Like most people I prefer to keep things simple. The items below can all be purchased on Amazon and delivered to your home.


Liquid Nutrient for All GrowBots(purchase as needed):

Botanicare Pure Blend Tea Soluble Compost Tea Solution, 1-Gallon

Powdered Nutrient only for non-automated GrowBots(purchase as needed):

General Hydroponics MaxiGro for Gardening, 2.2-Pound


Tip If you have Big Plants ... for better Growth ... add about 5ml per week of Pure Blend Tea or about 10 Grams of Powered Nutrient to your GrowBot if you are primarily using the OTHER nutrient.


Pellets(purchase as needed):

Planters Pride RZE0042-4 50-Count Fiber Grow Pellet Refills


Squeeze Bottle(purchase only once):

Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz


Funnel(purchase only once):

WOOTOP-Blue Silicone Collapsible Funnel Foldable Funnel for Liquid Transfer 100% Food Grade Silicone F/Funnel-B


Watering Can if you do not have a watering hose.

Watering Can




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