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Halloween GrowBot Party
Oct 28, 2015


Halloween is this Saturday and my family and I would love for you to come enjoy some food and drinks, meet each other, see the GrowBots, chat with us and come see how manufacturing is coming along.

I am still planning on delivering the GrowBots to buyers here on Kauai next week. I have been busy and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have to say it has felt really good to use my hands but man oh man I do not remember my back getting so tired and sore when I was younger!  One of the many things I have been working on is assembling, configuring and testing a machine called a 3d router or CNC mill. Last night I finished the enclosure for it that will help to control the dust and noise. Today if things continue to go well I'll start using it to make the molds needed to create the trays, tops, brain enclosure and camera/wifi enclosure. On a continuous basis the 3d router will be used to cut the holes for the tray tops, trim the tops, trim the trays, cut out and trim the two enclosures, and machine the frame which are all dirty, dangerous and dull tasks I don't wish on anyone ... including myself. Hopefully things do continue to go well I really want to have at least one NEW GrowBot for you to see on Saturday. As many of you know the last few yards can be the toughest and it really feels the same right now.  :-) Prayers/good intentions are welcome.

Some details about this first GrowBot delivery here on Kauai. I am delivering these first GrowBots here on Kauai completely assembled, with plant food, cocconut core pellets and with some plants already started. You will need to have the location where you want your GrowBot selected, a water hose and wifi for the GrowBot and I need to have about 10 minutes to chat with you. During our chat I'll give you the 5 minute training on how to plant, how to refill the plant food, how to thin and how to pick.  I will also make sure the GrowBot is connecting to your local wifi and your GrowBot account correctly. I'll contact you when your GrowBot is ready.

Details about the GrowBot Halloween Party.

Where: 4240 Wailea PL, Princeville HI
When: 3PM to 6PM Saturday

* If you feel inclined please bring an apetizer to share.
* Please RSVP so Linda and I know how much food and drink to prepare just reply to this email to RSVP.

At 5PM I'll give a short presentation. 5:30ish we will start cleaning up and getting ready to go. 6PM we are bringing our kids trick or treating as many of you will be doing the same. If you have never been trick or treating in Kilauea I would recommend that you go it's quite fun to see our amazing North Shore Community all dressed up for all Halo's eve.  The amazing citizens of Kilauea are gracious and wonderful.


James Brake
415 407 8118

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