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Oct 16, 2015


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Why I Made GrowBot Easy to Use
GrowBot is a very practical devise. Spending my time on my grandfathers farm in Ocean Springs Ms really helped me to learn to work smart. The consequence of not working smart was working so much you have no free time to enjoy your day and or you come home so tired all you want to do is watch TV then go to sleep. I remember hoeing and weeding my grandfathers second vegetable garden in the Mississippi heat. Wow was that a miserable experience.  I briefly repeated that experience here in Hawaii when we had our garden here.

So I built GrowBot to make working smart .. the only option.

Every week to ten days you need to take a few minutes and add more plantfood. GrowBot will remind you to do that. The reason GrowBot reminds you is because I used to forget to do that.

Generally each day you will pick some vegetables. Picking only takes a few minutes. GrowBot will send you a picture of the Garden everyday so you know what you can pick.

When picking leafy vegetables you want to snap the leaf at least a quarter inch away from the stalk. Doing it that way insures you don't damage the leafy greens.


Picking tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. is often accomplished successfully by knowing the variety you planted. Often the seeds that you purchased will explain when is the best time to pick. Good rule thumb is how it looks and how it smells. I generally try to pick just before they are ripe unless I will eat it on the spot.


Early on I had made the mistake of planting a lot of stuff all at once. This is a  common mistake of  early gardeners. Like most gardners I just got so excited and it seemed so easy why not just do it all at once? Feast and famine. You might ask How do I insure a steady supply of fresh vegetables? 

If you let your enthusiam spread out and plant just a few plants a day or week then you will help to insure a steady supply of vegetables. GrowBot was built that way it was built to supply you with a constant supply of fresh vegetables. 


In just a few minutes once a week you can insure your steady supply of vegetables. To plant you expand the cocunut core planting pellet by wetting it thouroughly(hot water is quickest), stretch it a little so it's about 2 and half to 3 inchs long, massage it into the net pot, drop some seeds in and put it back in the GrowBot and place a germination cup over it. That's it. I'll make a video to show you.

Removing plants that are no longer producing is generally very quick. You grasp the base of the plant and gently pull up careful to not pull so fast that the roots break off. Occasionally you might have to trim the roots from the bottom by lifting the top a little and using kicthen scissors to trim the roots off.  I can make a video of that as well.


Summary .. plant, add plant food, pick, remove non bearing plants repeat. GrowBot will remind you.


How to Buy

Every 2 to 3 months we accept new orders for GrowBots. We normally accept orders for one week unless we sell out. The next buying period is December 1st to December 7th.

We will send 6 to 8 emails before and during the next buying period and you can easily unsubscribe with just one click.

Remind me of the next buying period.

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Thank you very very much for taking the time to learn about GrowBot.
Contact me if you have questions:

I hope I have answered your questions if not please email me at or call me at 415 407 8118.

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