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Nov 15, 2015

Aloha Dear Growboters!

Thank you for your support, your patience, and your belief in this paradigm-changing tool. My intention for this first batch of Growbots is to deliver the best possible version of it as soon as possible.

I was hoping that this email was going be about the first deliveries, however even though progress is steady it has been slower than expected.

For those of you on Kauai I will be delivering your GrowBots with vegetables growing such as lettuce, basil, bok choy, tomatillos, and more at basically the same growth as if you had had your GrowBot last week. Exciting things to come!

Here is some shop-talk:  Last week what I got accomplished was making two of the molds, a vacuum forming machine, and a plastic heating oven. I also fixed a wiring problem with a 3d router that had been causing inconsistant errors with Y axis cuts. I am still having one error with y axis cuts that occasionally cause long cuts (long jogs) to be about 1/8 of an inch off. I have to call support on Monday.

The next steps are using the vacuum-forming machines to fabricate the tubs, tops and enclosures, then I assemble the GrowBots.

I am very much looking forward to delivering your finished GrowBots and watching as you personalize it soon. In the meantime, I will stay the course, try to get these out as soon as possible, and send you another update next week.


James Brake


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