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Oct 04, 2015

Automated Garden So You Get Fresher More Healthy Food
Born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast I learned early on the importance of hard work and working smart. Like most middle ages people I am busy with being the best father and husband I can be, taking care of myself and all the stuff we call life does not leave a lot of time to garden.  The decisions below were mostly made in reference to maintaining/improving the quaility of my life so I would have more free time.

Also the below was an investment. I minor investment but a big pay off.  Just like many other people small investments that have tangible pay off are something that catch my attention.
Why Hydroponics?
I made the GrowBot water based(hydroponic) becuase I did not want to dig or weed. I tested out various kinds of reservoirs, growth trays, plant foods, mediums and methods always looking for reliability, ease of use, and cost as the driving factors.  I really nice benefit to hydroponics is that you use 95% less water and you use less plant food. A benefit to society if that you are not wasting water or poisoning our water with fertilizer.

Why Automated Watering and Feeding?
Feeding and watering are super important I built the automated brain part of the GrowBot because I kept forgetting and or being to busy to do those things reliably. If you miss a single watering some plants can severly damaged and most will have their growth slowed dramatically.
Why Artificial Intelligence
When I finally committed to selling GrowBot's to anyone that wanted one is when I added the camera and started adding higher end automation. A garden that 'just works' so you can continue to focus on those things that make you the most happy. I think you will enjoy the GrowBot for more than just the food though. Personally for me it's genuinely nice to see things that are growing and doing well.
Why the Camera?
I really want each GrowBot to be effective in making your life better. Cellphones are a powerful technology that help us in so many ways. Having the robot send you a picture and other data about your garden will help to make the GrowBot a part of your life. My job is complete once the GrowBot is helping you to eat more healthy, save time and save money. GrowBot's AI also uses the pictures taken by the camera to optimize your gardens growth.

Where are the cool robot arms?
The reason we don't have robot arms doing the planting and picking is because it's just not economical yet. However as soon as those super cool robot arms are economical I"ll add them there are also some significant technical challenges. I continue to look for Robot arms and the supporting technology a lot and will start early testing in the next few months. The reason is specifically because I have several friends that are so phyiscally hanidcapped planting and picking is not an option for them.  Also some of you are so busy even the planting and picking are a stretch for you.
Why the Materials?
The wood frame made of either cedar or red wood is naturally weather and termite resistant so you can get many years of use. It is also pretty easy to repair by most carpenters and or handymen. I think it looks better espicially if it is being used along side your present garden that might already have raised beds made of wood.  The planter tops and troughs are made of a tough ABS plastic that will last a very long time. All of the tubing and anything that touches the water that touches the your plants is lead free.

Why Solar?
I did not want the GrowBots to be a burden on our already over taxed electrical grids. The solar also makes it so that placing the GrowBot outside is safe. I had no desire to have electric cords in my backyard or yours.

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