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Eating Healthy #2
Jun 29, 2016

How to get a fresh healthy salad everyday upto 100x faster than going to your nearest store.
An easy way to have healthy salads available to you even if you have little time or money.

Attention: Do you want to eat the healthiest food possible?

Are you eating the fresh healthy produce you know you should be?
You try to make smart food choices but there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and or not enough money in your pocket to make this happen with regularity.
It's not your fault, and you are not alone.
Affordable, fresh, healthy produce tends to be a problem for everyone except for organic farmers.

If you can relate to this problem we have a solution for you.

GrowBot is a new invention that makes growing fresh produce easy for everyone.

Once you get your GrowBot you will be growing your own produce for fresh salads in as little as 4 weeks. And for tomatoes and cucumbers just a few weeks later.

In fact, if you act now you could be growing your own fresh produce in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

Imagine what it would be like to walk a few steps to your patio or yard, pick your salad, rinse it and eat it.

Your salad is crisp, full of flavor, has a lot of variety and has all the powerful enzymes and nutrients you normally never get if the salad was picked a week ago, shipped from somewhere else and stored in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

I had a similar problem.

Once I realized that I had to get a handle on how I was feeding myself, I wanted the best produce but found myself too busy to manage a traditional garden, and many times too busy also to buy regularly from my local organic grocer or farmer’s market.

So what I did was this. I applied my 20+ years of software design to creating the perfect garden. A garden that does not require digging, weeding, or even a green thumb.

GrowBot grows more than a salad. From arugula to zucchini, most vegetables do great in a GrowBot.

There is just nothing like fresh produce. Most 'fresh' vegetables have traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles before you buy them.

Have a plate of lightly sautéed bokchoy, blanch some mustard greens or spinach to go with your piece of fish, or simply have a big salad a day. Keeping your body healthy is a lot easier when you eat the right foods prepared right in your kitchen.

You have total vendor autonomy. Purchase nutrients and seeds from any supplier you like. Organic farmers that already produce their own compost teas might be able to dilute or concentrate their teas so they work with the GrowBots. Are you saving seeds, or you know someone who is? Feel fresh to use your own supply. If you are new however to this whole thing around growing produce, we will have seeds available to you that we know works well in the GrowBot. Just another exciting option.

Micronutrients are possibly the most important thing about GrowBots. If you are what you eat then if you feed the best nutrients to your GrowBot then you get those benefits from your produce.
Zero Waste. Many hydroponic systems and traditional gardens calculate in how much of the nutrients will be flushed out by rain and or flushed on purpose. GrowBots use permaculture techniques to perfectly balance your nutrients so you never ever need to dump your water all of those nutrients are eventually consumed by you and help to make you the healthiest you possible.

From Our Customers

I just got my GrowBot and I cannot believe that I can already start picking basil and that I have already been nibbling on the lettuce.

Sharon - Princeville HI - June, 2016

I love watching my plants grow and I love how easy it is. I am looking forward to my next salad.

Candace - Wailua HI - June, 2016

It's amazing I pick and it seems like everytime I come back it has all grown back.

Steve - Kiluea HI - January 2016

I feel really lucky to just go to my backyard or send one of my kids to pick a nice salad that is incredibly fresh. I know that the salad we just picked is not treated on purpose or accidentally with any chemicals that might harm me or my family. I know that producing that salad was done in the most sustainable way possible.

James - Princeville HI - December, 2015

Why GrowBot Works - It's in the Math ...

Growbot's grow a lot of vegetables at once. GrowBot Starter and Advanced grow 78 plants in the space of an average sized coffee table.

Typically you can harvest the mature leaves from 6 plants and have enough salad for several people.

It takes about 4 days for those plants to regrow their leaves.

So by the time you have harvested from the other 3 sets of 6 plants all the leaves from the first six plants have regrown. Wow.

You can repeat that cycle till the plants bolt.

We have 26 plants in each of the three trays. Three trays - that is super important.

The reason for so many plants is not just for the variety. How it works is that while one tray has mature plants you can be harvesting from, another tray that can have young plants that are maturing.

This allows a continuous harvest rather than a typical feast or famine.

The third tank is often used for herbs or larger vegetables like kale, or chard, cucumbers or tomatoes etc. Variety is an essential component of happiness for many people.

What is very cool about GrowBot is that you can plant most kinds of vegetables and there are many vegetables that you have never seen in the grocery store or even the farmers market because those plants are just to sensitive to transport to market. Imagine the possibilities!

If you noticed we are only using 24 of the 26 spaces for growing your endless supply of incredibly fresh and nutritious produce. We like to use the extra two spaces to grow herbs or flowers that will help to naturally balance out the nutrients in your GrowBot. It is very very important that we all live sustainable lives. GrowBot helps to do this by making growing food super efficient.

Select the GrowBot that is Best for You


GrowBot Petite

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

1 year parts and shipping warranty - easily extended to three years during checkout.

Holds 26 Plants

Approximately 1183mm long by 213mm wide and 140mm tall.

Grows several salads per week

Requires manual watering and feeding, averaging twice a week.

Includes one circulation pump and one solar cell.

Purchase Now

GrowBot Starter

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

1 year parts and shipping warranty - easily extended to three years during checkout.

Holds 78 Plants

Approximately 1183mm long by 580mm wide and 455mm tall.

Grows a big salad and more nearly everyday.

Requires manual watering and feeding, averaging twice a week.

Includes three circulation pumps and three solar cells.

Purchase Now

GrowBot Advanced

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

1 year parts and shipping warranty - easily extended to three years during checkout.

Holds 78 Plants

Approximately 1183mm long by 580mm wide and 455mm tall.

Computer Mast adds an additional 650mm for a total height of 1105mm and about 20mm longer.

Grows a big salad and more nearly everyday.

Automated watering and feeding.

Includes the GrowBot Brain which includes a computer, camera, wifi, power distribution and management system, batteries and case.

One much larger solar panel.

Three feeder pumps.

Three water sensors.

Three valves to let water in.

Three circulation pumps.

Plumbing assembly.

Requires a standard water hose with good clean water and a minimum of 15psi of water pressure but not more than 100psi - most homes have this if you don't you probably know it.



Either an Android or IOs device - only needed for configuring the wifi.

Purchase Now


Please don't delay. Make a commitment to your health and purchase your GrowBot now.

This offer will end as soon as we have sold 100 of the GrowBot Advanced.

Consider what it is costing you now to not eat fresh healthy food that is loaded with nutrients, what it costs you to be stressed by traffic as you go to the store, wait in line and finding that the food you sought out just tends to rot in your fridge.

Remember there is a 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year parts and shipping warranty.

The entire time, you are further supported by our customer service team and the growing GrowBot community.

Buy one now.

P.S. Fresh vegetables you have chosen to grow, in a way that makes sense to you and your lifestyle is not only incredibly satisfying but also promotes health in ways that are unimaginable. This is a cost effective, time-saving and environmentally friendly tool to make your life better. With a 60 day money back guarantee, how can you resist?

P.S.S. Don’t forget, the shopping cart closes as soon as we sell 100 if the GrowBot Advanced.


If you have any questions at all ... please call me at 415 407 8118 I live on the North Shore of Kauai or email me




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