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Dec 05, 2015


Lots of people think that fresh organic food is expensive, that growing your own food is hard, and that convenience is limited to how close you live to a store.

GrowBots are a new invention that make eating fresh organic food affordable, easy and convenient.

My name is James Brake and most of you know me personally but for the few that don't I am a Princeville Hawaii resident that has the same problems as most people. Fresh organic food is expensive, not easy to grow and inconvenient. When faced with these problems I tackled them by using my 24 years of programming, business managment and engineering knowledge to not only design a robot but a complete system for easily growing my own fresh organic food.

I am about to start delivery of our first GrowBots and I am very excited to get them installed and working for my clients. My clients will be growing everything from Kale to Sweet Potatoes.

We have talked to our suppliers and if you would like to get in on the second round of GrowBots then you will need to purchase now so that we can order parts. We expect most of the parts to arrive during the month of January and that all the GrowBots should be delivered and or shipped by the end of February.

Kale, Lettuce, Cucumbers and so many more wonderful vegetables grow very very well in GrowBots. The GrowBot's take care of the watering and feeding and the GrowBot design means that weeding and digging are rarely if ever needed.


James Brake
415 407 8118

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