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A Big Thank You!
Nov 02, 2015


A big thank you to everyone that came to our Halloween Party+. I had  many great conversations and there were awesome costumes and beautiful smiles. Kauai has only ever made us feel loved and accepted. Thank You.

The casual get together gave me a chance to give a short talk about the design changes to the GrowBot and I was able to show a bit of how the GrowBots are being built. I greatly appreciate everyones' support.

For those of you unable to come:

1. The solar cells were moved to the front of the GrowBot that is always pointed south. The reason for the change was that the plants kept growing and growing( a good thing but my original design was a little short). I now have Kale over 5ft tall.
2. The solar mast was turned into a trellis which will work great for things like sugar snap peas, cucumbers and tomatoes. (Yum!)
3. The wifi and camera were both moved further up the trellis. This might occasionally be a problem if your veggies / fruit are to thick. Please note your GrowBot will continue to work but not as well. I do have a work around if the problem arises (and it probably will if you grow a lot of tall veggies like I do).
4. Because of what we learned we have a recommendation of planting short veggies like lettuce up front and the tallest veggies by the trellis.

Otherwise the capacity and computing systems are the exact same.

My next post should be about the first deliveries!


James Brake

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