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How to build a simple hydroponics systems or water garden.
Nov 20, 2022


This system will recirculate water from a reservoir to a growing area that will have 8 planters holding up to 40 plants. The water is pumped from the reservoir to the top that is holding 8 grow bags full of 100% perlite. Each grow bag can hold 1 to 5 plants.  This is can grow a big salad of kale / chard / lettuce per day as well as huge amounts of tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc. For big rooted veggies you can use a 5/10 gallon bag. 

You need a few items to build a super garden.

  1. black and yellow 27gallon tote from Costco Amazon
  2. 8 1 gallon grow bags from Amazon
  3. 2ft of black PVC tubing from Amazon
  4. fountain pump from Amazon
  5. 7 gallons of perlite Amazon
  6. 2in inlet Amazon
  7. Timer Amazon
  8. Pipe Strap Amazon
  9. 2 1/2in wood or sheet metal screws


  1. hand drill (you can also use a sharp knife or pointy scissors)
  2. 3/8in bit 
  3. 1/2 bit
  4. 1/4in bit
  5. 1-1/2in bit
  6. 2in bit
  7. screw driver (for your screws)


  1. Prepare the yellow lid by drilling overflow holes 2 to 3 3/8in overflow holes on each of the lid ridges 1/2in above the floor of the lid and a 1/4in drain hole in the center. 

    Use a piece of the pipe strap and two wood or sheet metal screws to create a sleeve for the water circulation tube.
    Use the 2in bit to cut a hole in the lid near one end and centered then thread the water inlet in.
  2. Cut 1/2in hole 2 inches centered from the top on the end the tank and 1/12in (37.75mm) hole 1 as high as possible near the top lip of the tank adjust size so your plug can get through it.   
  3. Moisten the fountain pump outlet with water or spit. Push one end of the tubing onto it.  You can then place in the tank moisten the suckers first and push the the tube through the small hole and the plug through the large hole and put the lid on.
  4. Now put the lid on and push the circulation tube through the sleeve you made.
  5. Now place the grow bags with perlite on the yellow lid.
  6. You can plug the water pump into the timer. Follow manufacturers directions for the pump and timer to configure. I have mine setup to start running an hour after sunrise and to turn off an hour before sunset for my greenhouse and for 20hours per day when run indoors with LED grow lights(600watt).

Fill the tank 75% full of warter using the water inlet, plant seeds, cuttings and or starts. Add nutrients, if you are using maxi-grow and you have 20ish gallons of water in the tank add about 3 table spoons. Then once the plants are about 4ins in width you can add a teaspoon a day(depending on growth).  


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